Our Services

Services can be tailored to all ages and abilities and these are our core programs:

Cautious Kids

Very small group classes (max. 5 children) specifically for your little champions who may be overly quiet, cautious, shy, introverted, developmentally delayed or just lovably clumsy. If larger classes of confident peers can be overwhelming, then try Cautious Kids. We provide a little more support & encouragement in a calm environment while still maintaining a social element so children can gain the movement skills to eventually give them the confidence to be involved with all their peers.

Term is a 10-Week Commitment
Starts at $15 Per Class
Option of 1 or 2 Classes Per Week
Limit of 16 Places Per Term

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Adult Habits

Specifically for adults who have a genuine desire to make changes to their health & fitness but who either do not feel comfortable in a conventional gym setting or who have tried previously without success. We focus on creating the positive habits to support sustained health & fitness changes and to give you the confidence of movement so that training in any environment may become a more appealing option.

The program model uses small-group training (maximum of four people) to create a balance between cost and frequency. This allows a high-level of contact in a cost-effective manner.

Small-group training can also create a powerful environment to subtly facilitate motivation and accountability by working alongside peers with similar goals.

Minimum 10-Week Commitment
Starts at $35 Per Session
Includes 2 Face-to-Face Sessions Per Week
Limit of 8 Places Per Term

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