Kurt's Story

My perspective on health & fitness has developed from a combination of conventional education, elite sport exposure and most importantly, family and fatherhood.

I am a father of two gorgeous children (one of whom is the inspiration behind the idea of ‘Cautious Kids’). Born and raised in the Illawarra, I married into the Kiama family and eventually moved to Kiama from Wollongong.

My upbringing was heavily influenced by a range of sports and eventually this sparked a passion for training & physical development and in turn a strong curiosity into all things health & wellness.

While my sporting endeavours allowed me to travel Australia and experience many countries abroad, professionally I graduated locally from the University of Wollongong in 2006 with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. 

Since graduating I have worked with the Illawarra Academy of Sport, the University of Wollongong Recreation & Aquatic Centre and Ghetto Movement as well as gaining valuable experience delivering Strength & Conditioning services to the Illawarra Hawks and the NSW Institute of Sport’s regional athletes.

My range of influences have led me to develop three consistent beliefs throughout all my programs:

Enjoyment & Satisfaction

Exercise should not always feel like a grind, there should always be a strong element of enjoyment and satisfaction taken from movement and the wider pursuit of health.

Balance & Stress Management

While high-intensity training is definitely important, for most people it is over-emphasised. In today’s high-stress world providing balance with low-intensity movement, recovery, nutrition, sleep, breathing & mental health awareness is essential.

Knowledge & Self-Development

Developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to create sustainable changes are more valuable then short-term, rapid changes. One goal should always be to eventually take independent control of your health and movement ability.